Edward Sampherb

Edward is a quickmocing characket


Attack: 5
Defence: 8
Range: 7
Magic: 2
Strenght: 20

HP: 150
Weapons: Iron 2h, Bow, Arrows


Edward Robert “Bowy” Sampherb was born in 1972, to Laura Kinniken and Robert Sampherb. At age 15 he fell in love with a girl who went to school with him, her name was Lily Samantha Rose. At age 20 he married her, later when he was 25 something really terrible happened! Lily was robbed by an a witchdoctor, by HIS witchdoctor, by Salamanders witchdoctor. Edward went on a journey to Safrey Valley, to rescue her. But it was too late. She was killed by the witchdoctor, since then Edward has set a goal to kill Salamander and all his followers. At the moment Edward is married to Kate Elabveel.

Edward Sampherb

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